Participation in ESiWACE2 container hackathon

From left: Amirpasha Mozaffari (JSC), Tomas Aliaga (CSCS), Jan Vogelsang (JSC), Bing Gong (JSC) in front of Switzerland National Supercomputer Center (CSCS).

Bing Gong, Amirpash Mozaffari, and Jan Vogelsang participated in the ESiWACE2 container hackathon for modelers in Switzerland national supercomputer center (CSCS) located in Lugano, Switzerland from 3rd to 6th of December 2019. 

The containerization is a method to bundle an application together with all its related configuration files, libraries and dependencies required for it to run in an efficient and bug-free way across different computing environments

In three days, they have worked on containerizing the machine learning workflow in local machine and later port the scripts to run on HPC (see the application details: CSCS is the house of the Piz Daint, the fastest supercomputer in Europe, and it is ranked 6th in Top 500 supercomputers by November 2019.  Our team managed to containerize the workflow and successfully run the script on Piz Daint and passing the scalability test.